Bristol Type 407

Production: 1961 - 1963

Introduced in 1961, this was the first production Bristol with a Chrysler V8 engine. Production ceased in 1963.

Bristol Type 407 - 5.2 Litre SaloonBristol Type 407 - 5.2 Litre Saloon
The Type 407 was very similar in appearance to the 406, the absence of roof-mounted flasher repeater lights and twin exhausts being the most obvious visual changes, as is the larger front grille. The radio aerial is located on the rear of the offside front wing....
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Bristol Type 407 - Viotti DropheadBristol Type 407 - Viotti Drophead
The Viotti was a one-off design exercise completed on a Type 407 driven chassis. The Italian designer placed it in the Turin Coachbuilders' trade exhibition ca 1960. Then it sported silver coachwork with black leather trim and black manual folding hood....
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Bristol Type 407 Zagato - Fixed Head CoupéBristol Type 407 Zagato - Fixed Head Coupé
At the same time as Viotti was executing his design ideas, a second Type 407 driven chassis had been dispatched to Zagato. Their interpretation was more flowing and very similar to the Aston Martin body shape, with fared-in headlamps and a rounded tail treatment....
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