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Bristol Type 406 - 2.2 litre Saloon

Production: 1957 - 1961

This type was introduced in 1957. First production models were leaving the factory in 1958. Production ceased in 1961. Identified by the departure of the by then familiar air scoop on top of the bonnet and a larger grille and aperture to same; also by new sculpture style bonnet, boot and nave plate badges. The engine capacity of the original 2 litre straight six had been stretched to 2.2 litres and the new engine was given the designation "Bristol 110 series". This car featured disc brakes on all four wheels, and surely it must have been one of the first saloons in its class to do so.

Repeater indicators were also introduced to this model, being centrally mounted at roof cantrail level on each side. Electric screen washers were also part of the new specification. Internally, the seats were fitted with built-in flip-up headrests. Physically the car is larger in most dimensions than its predecessor, but still mounted upon the open 'A' shaped box section steel chassis frame.

This front ¾ view shows the smooth bonnet and, just discern­ible, the discreet roof mounted auxiliary turn indicator lamps.

Type 406 E Saloon or 406 BeutlerType 406 E Saloon or 406 Beutler
A number of designs were tried out on the Type 406 chassis, not least the various prototypes of the 407, but here is a picture of the only Type 406 chassis fitted with Saloon coachwork by Gebr. Beutler AG of Thun, Switzerland, being driven from a Bristol Freighter on its arrival in the UK ready for the Motor Show held at Earl's Court 1957....
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Type 406 ZagatoType 406 Zagato
In the late 1950s, whilst the Type 406 saloon was actually in production, some other notable designs were commissioned to be executed on the Bristol Type 406 114 inch wheelbase chassis. These were 6 Fixed Head Coupé cars by the Styling House of Zagato in Milan, Italy. A seventh but shorter 102 inch wheelbase chassis was also dispatched to be bodied. All were executed as fixed head coupés....
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