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The Survivor

It seems that after the racing project was killed, the senior apprentices at the factory were indeed set to dismantle the three team cars. However, that was not the end: the best of the parts were then selected and reassembled into a single exemplar, built to a standard that would be worthy of the memory of Bristol's brief but glorious racing history.

It does not have a BSX engine, and it is thought that none survives today. However, the present engine (a 100B2) was specially rebuilt to equivalent standard and is equipped with one of the original 12-port heads that were fitted to the 1955 Le Mans cars.

This sole survivor was kept for many years by the Owner (and Managing Director) of Bristol Cars Ltd, that well known and acclaimed post WW2 racing driver Anthony Crook. In the early 1990s, this unique piece of British motor racing heritage passed into the hands of a long time Bristol enthusiast, competitor and collector. It is kept well maintained, in good order, and is still occasionally displayed in road and selected track events. Naturally its very high gearing does not lend itself to effective use in competition in today's short track Historic Racing events.